aviation a‧vi‧a‧tion [ˌeɪviˈeɪʆn ǁ ˌeɪ-, ˌæ-] noun [uncountable]
1. MANUFACTURING the business of making aircraft:

• job losses in the aviation industry

2. COMMERCE TRANSPORT the business of transporting people and goods in aircraft:

• More competition in aviation means more choice, better service and lower fares.

— see also aeronautics
the business of transporting passengers and goods by aircraft, rather than the use of aircraft for military purposes:

• There are increasingly high standards of safety in worldwide civil aviation.

* * *

aviation UK US /ˌeɪviˈeɪʃən/ noun [U] TRANSPORT
the business of designing and manufacturing aircraft: »

Aviation experts expect authorities to start discussions for $2 billion-worth of business.


the aviation industry/sector

the activity of transporting people and goods by aircraft: aviation safety/security »

The FAA oversees aviation safety.

See also CIVIL AVIATION(Cf. civil aviation), COMMERCIAL AVIATION(Cf. ↑commercial aviation)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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